Hydrosynth software started out in my New York City bedroom apartment as a one man company creating VST Plug-in instruments for my musician friends here and across the world. Hydrosynth is now a two man operation with the help of Jeff S Reign we are able to keep our software at a lower price than our competitors an without sacrificing quality all of our software's are fully functional with no limitation both in free-ware and pay-ware which you will not get anywhere else. Plus each tone in all of our keyboards was tested for play ability by me an all of my musician friends we at Hydrosynth could easily charge a higher price for our software though we do not have to however, we believe that a 100-500 mark up price than the actual cost to produce any piece of software is highway robbery than to add insult to that act as if each piece of downloaded software was slave over by a worker, when all of it was copy & paste an automated to a new customer without any supervision.

Hydrosynth keyboards will always be affordable according to inflation. Our products range from 2.99 -7.98 cents and our gold is to always have free downloads available and to not over charge more than ten dollars we have done this because we care about affordability, quality, and the aspiration of the musician rather then playing out a dirty greedy card our philosophy for Hydrosynth is to Share it here, Share it there, Share it everywhere freeware, this is the motto that we live by and it also helps us reach a wider following because its not always about the money its about the music and all of us musicians world wide making that music. So I want to thank you for your time, in reading about us, and thank you if you have decided to purchase or download our freeware software

P.S I'm also available for studio booking as a musician, audio engineer, re-mixer, creative producer, soundscaper/designer & lyricist. NYC, LA Studio owner can contact me here.


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