Welcome to Hydrosynth software our keyboards are not just vst plugins, it's a movement to blur the lines between different music sounds, bringing together the old and the new with a hybrid style we call tronalithic, so sign up and stay in tune with the movement.



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Hydrosynth software has release Tronalithic1 Remix King a sample base hybrid VST keyboard contains 200 heavily multi layer mix instrument tones, comes with on board effects Tronalithic1 Keyboard is hassle free no need for endless tweaking, Sound Engineering, Beat/Tone mangling, Harmonic Stretching, Pitch Shifting, Transposing keys, Synthesize, Re-Synthesize or Stacking instrument tracks to get that smack banging new vibrato sound that you been looking for, because we did all the work for you already, Tronalithic1 Keyboard was tested for play ability and every tone is excellent for making Electro club beats like EDM, Hip-Hop, Pop,Trance & much more. Tronalithic1 has both low & high combine pitch tone sounds so you get the low dance bass frequency and high pitch sparkle frequency in nearly every instrument tone a free/lite version includes 25 instrument tones while the FULL VERSION includes 200 instrument tones, to receive more free vst keyboards you must sign up.


Hydrosynth software has release Tronalithic2 VST keyboard. If you are looking for video game like instruments ready made for club music than look no further we have what you need these are instruments tones NOT FX.comes with on board effects, has 100 Instrument tones, an was remix/engineer in the familiar arcade/cartoon vibe, each instrument tone was design for easy composing even a monkey can bang out a phat beat LOL Tronalithic2 was tested by many musician of different style of music back ground for play ability Tronalithic2 was remix only twice leaving it open for you to stack other instrument track in your Studio daw. Tronalithic3 was mix particularly for experimental Pop & Hip-Hop musician, but will work well with all Electro club keyboard musicians, a free/lite version includes 24 instrument tones while the FULL VERSION includes 100 instrument tones, to receive more free vst keyboards you must sign up.


Hydrosynth software has release Tronalithic3 Luxsonic a sample base keyboard that contains 70 Instruments and comes with many brand new on board effects that our other keyboards don't have but was design in many ways to be similar to both Tronalithic 1 & 2 an has a bit of a cartoon/toy like feel, also we use 12 Temperament & micro-tone scales mix in together to create Tronalithic3 Luxsonic this was done in order to stand out from the rest,Tronalithic3 Keyboard was tested for play ability and every tone is excellent for making experimental Electro EDM/Hip-Hop club beats also work well for pop. Tronalithic3 Luxsonic has somewhat a high quality mix like Tronalithic1 & video games sounds like Tronalithic2 Plus with new effects added a free/lite version includes 15 instrument tones while the FULL VERSION includes 70 instrument tones, to receive more free vst keyboards you must sign up.


01.Fluebadoor 4 tones
02.Fluebama 4 tones
03.Fluebamic 4 tones
04.Fluebong 4 tones
05.Fluedella 4 tones
06.Fluedora 4 tones
07.Fluetila 3 tones
08.Flurdacom 3 tones
09.Flutealbrass 4 tones
10.Flutella 4 tones
11.Fluxphona 4 tones
12.Marimboo 4 tones
13.Ocaflueno 3 tones
14.Orgonaflue 4 tones
15.Xphonahi 2 tones
16.Xphonalo 2 tones
17.Xphonarelly 4 tones

Hydrosynth software has release Tronalithic4 a VST keyboard comes with 17 Instruments each has 2 - 4 variation on that tone an some are so racial different it becomes a new tone all togther you will have a total of 64 tone sounds to play with, good for pop, & pop rock. was mix in the micro scale & 12 temperament scale also was mix with different layer transpose keys for a bit of a cascading sound & also we added the wobbling sound effect to it. a free/lite version includes 10 tones not instruments While the FULL VERSION includes 17 instruments plus variation on that for a total of 64 tones, to receive more free vst keyboards you must sign up.